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School Holiday Activity Idea on Budget 🔥🔥

  • 2 min read

School holiday is here! If you’re like me, that sounds exciting (not!), that means I have to plan to do something fun with them. And cheap! Yes that’s one of my requirement, school and extracurriculars are already expensive, so can we do something on budget?

Something that does not hurt my superannuation fund contribution.

Allright, lets get creative and the list below is just a starter, what I’d like is for you to get the mindset :) School Holiday does not mean to put a hole in your pocket.

Pizza competition

    Or Master chef competition – okay, maybe I’m pushing it too hard. But why not invite some of their friends, show them how to make a pizza. And judge who is the best pizza maker. It’ll take 3-5 hours. Lunch sorted. And other parents will be so thankful to you. They might get you something in return if they’re nice.

    Visit Unusual Public Park

      Yes, don’t go to the same park in your suburb. Google some park list in your town. Go visit the biggest park that you’ve never visit. Remember to always travel on budget, so pack your lunch and don’t spend your hard earnt money in any junk food chains.

      Visit Museum or Library

        Again, the same idea, let's make use of those public facility. You’ve paid tax so why don’t you make full use of it. Some libraries will have school holiday program. Push it further, there are other things to visit like your local fire station – they might have a school holiday program.

        Melbourne Museum

        Learn Origami

          There are tons of video tutorial on youtube. You just need to invest on paper and smile. And I’m sure the kids will love it.


          Perform a Simple Science Experience

            Again, google “simple science experience” on youtube. You should get plenty of things. Remember, the goal is to be a cheapskate, so use anything you have at home. Please don’t spend anything extra.

            science experiment


            Okay these are just few things to get started. I hope you get the idea. IF you get the mindset, the cheapskate mindset is limitless. Because your money is better spent on elsewhere (maybe getting some new toys? :-) )

            Happy school holiday!