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About Us

A little about us

Who are we?

Kids Toys Warehouse is an online shop providing you with the best kids toys available on the market! Our website was designed to give you an easy, fast and memorable experience and we hope that you enjoy every minute of shopping with us.

Kids Toys Warehouse has been operating since 2016. In this time, we’ve learnt a lot and have grown exponentially in terms of our team and our customer base. Our ultimate goal is to continue providing the best kids toys available so that kids all around the world can continue to grow and learn whilst having fun. We think that’s a pretty awesome goal, don’t you?

Got any questions? We’re simply an email away. We’d love to talk to you and get to know you better.

Why did we start Kids Toys Warehouse?

Our teams consist of mostly parents (Yay for parents!) so we understand just how important toys are for a child’s development. Kids learn best when they’re having fun and what we love most about our job is that a child is learning new motor skills or developing a skill whilst playing with our toys.

As parents ourselves, we also know just how costly and how difficult it is to go shopping for toys. Pair that with a bunch of screaming/hungry/energetic kids, it makes for quite a stressful event! So we thought to ourselves, in a perfect world, how easy should it be to go shopping for the kid’s toys? The answer is “very easy!”

From there, Kids Toys Warehouse was born! After searching high and low for the best toys around, we met with some pretty wonderful toy manufacturers both overseas and local. Now, you can shop for toys from the comfort of your home or even at your local coffee shop with Kids Toys Warehouse. 

Where are we?

Our HQ is based in Western Australia with warehouses in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales.

Our Exclusive Brands

Kids Toys Warehouse is proud to offer an extensive range of dependable and high-quality resources aimed to captivate children's interest and stimulate their development.
Our portfolio of resources includes a range of exclusive and unique brands from around the world that support quality learning experiences for all ages, stages and abilities.