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Playing isn’t just lots of fun for kids, it’s also essential to their development and growth. Children learn valuable life skills as they build castles in the sandpit, mould playdough into fun shapes, and play pretend shop with their friends.
  • 2 min read
This is the right time for you and your kids to go outside and have some nice time. Outside can means your backyard or in the sidewalk. Here’s some ideas to spend your time with your kids during the summer!
  • 3 min read

Who loves Christmas shopping? I think only Santa does. Well, maybe I’m wrong, Santa outsources the work to his elves! Well, if you are like me, I dont even have the patience to start thinking of going around the carpark to find a parking spot. Trying to find the right items and lining up in the cashier to make the payment, and the list of the battles go on and on.

  • 4 min read
The way we speak to our young ones is plays a key role in their learning process. It determines their ability to listen every time we speak. Interestingly, we can nurture them to act and behave in a specific manner. The way we talk to them indicates how they should respond to us. From my research, I discovered three ways in which parents can communicate with children effectively.
  • 2 min read
Being tech savvy at a young age is great; it’s the way of the new world and important for them to utilize technology. However, children still need fresh air, toys that challenge them mentally and physically
  • 2 min read