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10 Outdoor Summer Ideas for Kids

  • 3 min read

Hi Parents! It’s summer time!

This is the right time for you and your kids to go outside and have some nice time. Outside can means your backyard or in the sidewalk. Here’s some ideas to spend your time with your kids during the summer!

1. Water Pinatas
    This activity is great for a hot day! Put some water, toys or candy inside the balloon to make it more fun! The one who doesn’t get the toys or candy, get splashed by water!
    Some tools that you need: balloons, water, rope, candies, and a stick to hit the pinata.

    water pinatas

    source: google

    2. Play Nature Hunt

      Ask the kids to find 10 living and 10 non-living things. This can make them learn what kind of creature living among them. Parents, you can make this even challenging by giving them some reward after they completed the challenge. Give them some candies after they completed the challenge! This can make them study while playing and they don’t even realize it!

        play nature hunt
        source: geiendorsed.com
        3. Shoot the Ball

        Grab a beach ball and a water gun, ask them to shoot the ball, the one who can shoot the ball to the finish line first, can be the champion! The more the merrier!

         shoot the ball

        4. Driveway Arcade

          This game calls for full on focus and careful aim! Grab some cans and a ball, stack the cans about 2 feet apart. From the starting line, challenge the kids to roll the ball through the cans without knocking down the cans! If they didn’t knock down any cans, they got 2 points. If they knock down any cans, they got 1 point. The kid who got the highest score, win!

          5. Play Hop Scotch

            Grab some chalk, colorful ones would be fun to play with, draw them on the streets and make the kids hop on the circles! This activity can make your kids express themselves.

            play hop scotch

            source: craftymorning

            6. Water Treasure Hunt

              Get some tub or a big plastic container ready, put some water in it and put some colorful marbles, toys, small plastic dolls and look for some colorful shovels. Ask them to grab all the colorful things inside with the shovels. To make it even more fun, put some timer on so they can play as fast as they can!

              water treasure hunt 

              source: google

              7. Fishing Alphabet Ping Pong Balls

                Buy some white ping pong balls, write A-Z alphabet with a permanent marker, get some plastic container ready, some colorful fish and some fishing net. This activity can make them learn while playing. It’s affordable too!

                Fishing alphabet ping pong balls

                source: hative.com

                8. Water Bombs

                  Fill balloons with water and you’ll be splashed with water! It’s fun and cooling activity in the summer to get splashed with water! And you need a container to put all the water balloons in there!

                  water bombs

                  source: hative.com

                  9. Set Up a Play Tent

                    Buy a tent or use some sheet to build a tent, or pvc if you’re feeling creative, use that tent with your kids, to read books, play games, or just chilling out outside the house, feeling all the sun in the summer time!

                    10. Backyard Twister

                      This is the same twister game that we used to play at our phone, but the difference is, we play it on the ground! Buy some paint, paint some color, red, yellow, blue and green. And play it just like you usually was! This can bring a lot of laughter because you need to move your body as flexible as you can.

                       backyard twister


                      Those are the recommendation for those of you who’d love to play in the outdoor during the summer! Have fun and go outside!!!