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7 Handy Tips to Save Your Money on Your Christmas Shopping

  • 4 min read

Who loves Christmas shopping? I think only Santa does. Well, maybe I’m wrong, Santa outsources the work to his elves!

Well, if you are like me, I dont even have the patience to start thinking of going around the carpark to find a parking spot. Trying to find the right items and lining up in the cashier to make the payment, and the list of the battles go on and on.

I am not suggesting that you should start your Christmas shopping in July, but our first handy tip is, yes, to start buying early - preferably before the insanity that is Black Friday. Believe it or not, Black Friday is getting more popular in Australia.

So let’s get started on the plan!

Start Before the Rush of Black Friday and Cyber Monday 

Not every retails in Australia are doing Black Friday deals, but we have seen the trends are going upwards. Although, if you observe clearly it is just marketing tactic. Most retailers have started selling with the same price deals since October. Because all retailers’ goal is to be able to clear the inventory to avoid overstock. 

It is the same thing with Boxing Day experience. Let’s switch side to the customer side, as a repented shop-a-holic (only on Boxing Day), I now realize that I have never scored a good deal on Boxing Day. What I have experienced is I’m only getting a leftover stocks as all the good stocks have been sold before.

Once the popular items are gone. The early bird gets the worm. I ended up spending my hard-earned money on something that I don't need.

At KidsToysWarehouse.com.au - we’ve been selling the stocks at clearing price since September to avoid the overstock in our warehouse. So here is our sales pitch, sorry, why dont you start planning the Christmas shopping early and start buying now.

Shop from the Comfort of Your Sofa 

I have said it before, who likes battling the crowds? Online shopping has been getting a lot of traction in Australia. The price that has been offered by online shops have been very competitive. Mainly because online shops do not have the overhead cost of renting physical space. 

Sit comfortably on your sofa, watch some netflix and browse around the internet. The stores are waiting for you.


Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

Research Deals the Right Way

Now that you’ve got a shopping plan of attack, you can start hunting down the best deals. Dont wait until last minute, you’ll only find true deals on a few select items. But by shopping early, you have time to search out sales, deals and coupons. 

Go to thislist from OzBargain to get a full list of price comparison website. Make sure you also subscribe to the item on OzBargain thread to tell you if there is any deal on the items.

And also, stack up cashback deals from Shopback.com.au or Cashback.com.au.

Avoid Shipping (When Possible)

Okay now you’ve got the idea and I have been pitching the idea of shopping online. But I hear you, what about shipping cost? It adds up to the budget.

The best possible shipping option is free, but when that's not available, there are ways to avoid high shipping costs. Find a coupon for free shipping on google. Or ask the possibility from the online shop to drop the item to the nearest depot. This will save you some cost for bigger item.

Sorry for the shameless marketing spill, with KidsToysWarehouse.com.au, we do offer free shipping for small items with sales above $100. And with price match guarantee, you can be sure that you are getting the best deal in the market.

Search the Junk Mail Catalogues

Yes, who would read those catalogues. They normally go straight to the recycle bin. Perhaps, give it a go, knowledge is power. Go through the catalogues and combine with online search. Do the price match. You’ve got the time in your hands. Be the best bargainer ever on the planet!

Don’t Waste Your Money on Expensive Wrapping Paper this Year! 

How much do you spend for the fancy wrapping paper or the gift bag. It may look good, but it’s money that you are literally just throwing away from your wallet. Why not embrace the idea of recycling, get a butcher paper instead and be creative. I know it looks plain but get your kids to help decorate them. It will be a fun activity for your kids. 

Or how about newspaper? They will be thrown out anyway, so why not put it to good use? 

Make a List

Even Santa Clause makes his own list and checking it twice. Use Excel spreadsheet, orWunderlist, or the good old paper note. Make a list that includes gifts for each person, Christmas decorations and all the food or drinks for the festive season. 

Having a list and actually sticking to it will avoid any “impulse buying” which will make your wallet happier in the new year when the credit card statement comes. 


Allright, I hope this 7 handy tips will be useful for you. I have been doing all of them and I know they work. So why dont you give it a shot. Share the article or let us know in the comment below if you have any other handy tips.