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Australians who are looking to buy items may encounter some issues at this time, as a worldwide shortage of transport options due to pandemic has stretched supply chains significantly. This shortage may continue into 2023, and that may impact the availability of some products.

Why is this happening?
  • There are many reasons for shortages, with a mix of external factors such as the effects of the pandemic and certain local challenges, for example, bordering nations closing their borders and joint firms facing industrial disputes.
  • A great deal of consumers shifted away from buying services to buying products during the lockdown in Australia. But as their demand for goods also grew, the problems with supply steadily worsened.
  • Australia is an island, making it highly susceptible to shipping delays due to a reduced flight volume capacity. The reduced number of flights has been having a significant impact on shipping and prices are increasing at approximately the same rate four times their usual rate.
  • When containers do arrive, they face more delays at Australia’s ports. The Maritime Union of Australia is locked in a battle over pay and conditions, with rolling strikes set to continue this month.
  • The pandemic still has an impact on several key links in the supply chain. Distribution centers have been closed, and personnel has been required to isolate, decreasing the speed at which goods can be moved.
  • With the spread of the coronavirus, many people are buying more toys or bicycles for their kids to play at home or entertain themselves alone. Hence, the demand increases.
When is this going to end?

“It won't really be until 2023 that we start to see some moderation in this” – Jarrod Ball, the chief economist at the Committee for Economic Development of Australia.

What should I do then?

Consumer concern over empty shelves is of great concern to us. But we also have solutions, which we hope will make everyone's lives easier! Here are some tips to shop online during the pandemic:

  • Choose the available-on-rack item

You may want the item for a special day that you do not want to miss. In that case, it would be a good idea to order it right now to make sure it's delivered on time.

Talk to one of our friendly staff for our best offer for all in-stock items now – letschat@kidstoyswarehouse.com.au

  • Plan and shop early

Last-minute online shoppers will have a smaller chance to get their orders fulfilled compared to the previous years due to the scarcity of goods entering Australia. So plan well ahead to ensure you are getting the playset in time 😉

What are the benefits of pre-ordering?
  • Secure your slot

With the limited quantity arriving, you can save your slot by pre-ordering.

  • Get better deals

There is of course a better deal if you pre-order now, e.g. big discount on products, cheaper freight, down payment facility available, etc. Talk to one of our friendly staff now!

When will I get my pre-order?

For pre-order items, you will see an ETA straight under the product title. What does ETA to our warehouse mean? ETA stands for Estimated Time of Arrival – we or the supplier can not 100% guarantee the arrival date, but the dates provided are our best estimate of the goods to arrive in our warehouse based on current information from our supplier. This may change as we receive further updates and if you have placed your pre-order with us, you will be notified of any ETA changes. In case you have not received any updates, feel free to nudge our friendly staff and they will be glad to assist you.

Once the container arrives in our warehouse, please allow 5-7 working days for the team to settle with the container and prepare to fulfill the pre-orders. 

What happens if there is a delay? Can I cancel my order?

We understand waiting is frustrating. In the case of delay in arrival and waiting is not an option, talk to us and we will be happy to assist in finding a similar available item for you with the best deal we can offer.

Alternatively, yes, you may cancel your order. The good thing is, any cancellations upon items due to ETA delays are not subjected to any cancellation fee(s) so you will be able to receive a full refund back to your original payment method.


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