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How Can Trampolines Help With Autism?

  • 5 min read

Who doesn't love jumping around in a trampoline? It's fun and people of different ages enjoy this little sport. Once you get on it, there's no stopping you. They're addictive because they're just so much fun to play on! Trampolines are a great way to incorporate physical activity into children's lives, especially for those with autism.

Trampolines are exceptionally great for children with autism. They've proven to be a great way to overcome their fears and make sure they have a great time. While the idea of a trampoline is fairly basic, a simple and fun activity for children, its benefits are far more than what we perceive. There are many advantages of introducing a trampoline to an autistic child. Not only does it help them physically, but it also helps them improve their mental health. You'll be able to see an immediate difference in their behavior and how they socialize with others.

1. Great exercise

Trampolines provide an excellent way to get some exercise in your child's daily routine. By incorporating this in an autistic child's day, you'll be able to make sure that they have a fitness element present in their routine. Exercising has a lot of benefits on its own. It's important for children as much as it is for adults. Autistic children need to put their energy into something productive. Providing them with a trampoline will make sure they get a thorough, full-body workout while also helping their mental health.

2. Helps reduce stress

It’s common to see autistic people, especially children, fidgeting when they have nothing to do. They’re usually stressed about certain situations or in social gatherings. It’s important to realize that they need a flow of energy to let their anxiety and stress out. Trampolines provide a great way to do this. 

With the constant up and down movements, autistic children can focus on their thinking and link it to their physical activity. Rather than sulking and fidgeting while being stressed out, this will be a great activity to help them reduce their stress levels. Since jumping is a form of exercise, there’s a burst of endorphins while these kids are jumping on the trampolines. These are known as happy chemicals that make a person feel better, leading to children feeling less stressed when they’re on the trampoline.

We’ve already discussed that this is a great source of exercise that means if an autistic child uses the trampoline regularly, they’ll be more confident about their physical appearance. Often, this is the cause of their anxiousness and can be reduced if trampolines are an active part of their lives. 

3. Encourages socialization

Autistic children are not extremely comfortable when it comes to meeting different people or social gatherings. Trampolines come in to play to help overcome this fear of meeting other people. To make sure that an autistic child interacts with other kids of their age, make it a habit of taking them out to the park with trampolines. It’ll help them interact with other children in a much better and stress-free environment. 

You can also get a trampoline at your home and invite other kids to play, so your child can get along with them under stress-free situations. Trampolines indeed reduce the levels of stress in autistic kids because of the continuous activity of jumping up and down. They’re able to focus on other things rather than being constricted to their thoughts that increase their anxiety. 

4. Improves motor skills

It’s essential to give children a way to develop their motor skills through regular activities. Jumping on a trampoline is one of the ways that autistic children can work on their motor skills. They’re able to connect to the outside world and understand how to connect to people and things, physically. It’s known that children with autism have a difficult time controlling their motor skills. With the help of trampolines, this obstacle can easily be overcome as it helps them work on their physical tendencies. 

With the effective use of trampolines, children become more aware of their physical presence and how their movements impact their surroundings. This helps them improve their mobility and motor skills properly. 

5. Has a calming effect

Autistic children are always under pressure, due to their thoughts and natural disposition. It’s necessary to get them out of that mental loop and introduce them to new things that make them feel better. Trampolines help autistic kids reduce their stress levels and allows them to get rid of all the pesky thoughts that come to them. They’re able to enjoy their time without having a care in the world. 

While being on the trampoline allows them time with no stress, once they get off, the feeling remains for a while. Making it a habit of putting their energy into something like this will enable them to overcome their stress patterns and be more calm and relaxed. You’ll see an autistic kid much more relaxed and happy during and after a session of jumping on the trampoline. 

6. Enhances sensory skills

Autistic children struggle to try to keep intact with their sensory input. They’re easily overwhelmed by it, given their tendency to being stressed easily. It’s difficult to cope with all of the senses all at once and the go in a state of panic or anxiety, trying to cope with them.

The important thing to do it figure out a way to channel their stress and energy into something positive. You’ll generally see them fidgeting or moving back and forth quickly to deal with stressful situations. Introducing trampolines to them would allow them to come to terms with their sensory input and link them to a physical activity.

Not only is it great for improving their sensory skills, but it also helps them improve their balance. The stability found in keeping their balance also increases their confidence. They’re more confident with playing with other peers and children their age. 

7. A way of learning

It’s difficult to teach autistic children as they’re easily distracted or are too stressed to focus on one particular thing. You can incorporate the use of trampolines in education. This will be a fun and better way of making them learn different things. Doing math is something that can be converted into this playful activity by making them count the number of jumps they do. 

You can also use different flashcards to make them learn new words or other subjects in a fun manner. Autistic children are much more susceptible to learn in a fun environment when they’re distracted from all the things that cause them anxiety and stress. 

Trampolines can be used in a diverse set of ways to target various issues that autistic children face every day. The biggest problem that autistic children face is linked to stress and stressful situations. By using trampolines, you can make sure that they’re free from such situations and are much happier as opposed to being scared or anxious all the time. It’s important to choose the right trampoline for autistic kids so that they have the space to channel their negative energy into positive. 

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