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Helping Kids Play Like Kids Again

  • 2 min read

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The newer generation of kids has been taught early on about technology. TVs, mobile phones, iPads, game systems – the list is endless. Kids nowadays are playing more computer games than going outside playing with toys that stimulate the mind and getting exercise. Instead childhood obesity is at a rise and so is children's diabetes.

Being tech savvy at a young age is great; it’s the way of the new world and important for them to utilize technology. However, children still need fresh air, toys that challenge them mentally and physically. We love our kids so we should provide them the tools (a.k.a. toys) that help them become strong and healthy adults.

BS Toys is here for just that reason! Not just your everyday toys, these toys were built with love, care and engineered to motivate exercise of both the mind and body.


Strengthen agility and keep active with this baseball-type game, all while getting some fresh air.

The Wood Bowling Set

Learn coordination and team playing with this classic game! Play outdoors by placing them on a hard surface or play indoors so that even on rainy days there’s no excuse for a good time that teaches!

World Game

Kids will familiarise themselves with the world’s flags and strengthen neurons in the brain for memory!

Animal Templates

Simple and easy! Winter, rain or shine, these templates brings the artist out of any child. Encourages creativity!

Bird Race

This balancing game practices steadiness and coordination, and plenty of giggles!

Puzzles – Giraffe and Elephant

Classic can never become boring. This long-standing game is still around to encourage thought and coordination!


This game is called Quick, because reflexes and quick thinking is required in order to pick the blocks up while you throw the ball up in the air!

These games and toys don’t stop there! Check out the full range of BS Toys here.