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Encouraging your Child to be Active: 5 Strategies

  • 2 min read

It's important for children to be physically active, but sometimes it can be hard to motivate them. Here are 5 ways you can help your child enjoy physical activity!

1) Find a sport that they like

If your child is not interested in any of the sports you offer, find one that they will want to do. Maybe there is a type of sport they have seen on TV and would love to try themselves?

2) Involve them in decision making

Asking kids what their favorite activities are and letting them decide how much time should be spent on each activity encourages participation. You might even find out through this process that some activities weren't as enjoyable as you thought!

3) Make goals together

Setting and reaching goals together is a great way to boost your child's self-esteem. For example, if you really wanted them to learn how ride a bike by the end of summer one year, set smaller milestones that will lead up to the grand finale!

If they fall down and cry or get frustrated easily, don't give up right away - keep trying and let them know that it's okay to fall down, you just have to get up again!

When they meet their goals or accomplish something new, make sure they are rewarded. This could be anything from a sticker on a chart for each small milestone reached all the way to being able to buy something special with their own money once an ultimate goal is reached.

4) Be a good role model

By being active and loving sports, you can encourage your child to do the same. If they see that you're having fun working out or playing with them, they will be more likely to want to join in as well!

Finally, make sure not to push yourself or your children too hard when trying something new. If you get injured, it will be much harder to keep up with your child's motivation.